David cordoba

David Cordoba

David Cordoba, also known as "Mr Daiquiri," is a highly regarded expert in the world of rum, with over three decades of industry experience. He has been a judge of numerous global competitions. Starting his career in Argentina, David worked in some of the most influential cocktail bars throughout Europe and Asia.

David's extensive knowledge and expertise in rum led to his role as the Global Brand Ambassador for Bacardi for six years. In addition, he developed several projects, including the prestigious Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition. His reputation for being an authority in the art of rum grew during his time with Bacardi.

David founded MRD Spirits, The Lovers Rum, and La Forza Rum, blends of Latin American and Caribbean rums with a unique identity label inspired by his tarot reading family's tradition. He travels the world, inspiring people about rum and showcasing his skills and passion as a bartender.

David has won several cocktail competitions and received numerous accolades, including Rum Ambassador of the Year (International) at the Rum Barrel Awards. As a judge in the International Sugarcane Spirits Award, he confirms his position as a respected authority in the cocktail and spirits industry.