danil Nevsky

Danil Nevsky

Danil Nevsky, a globe trotter currently living in Barcelona, is the Founder and CEO of Indie Bartender.

Danil, nominated #3 among the Top 100 Most Influential in the Hospitality Industry 2022 and addressing to himself as ‘The Independent Bartender’, has a diverse range of international experiences over 15 years in the hospitality industry.

He successfully completed the ‘Vagabond Project’ in 16 months when he worked free full time in 11 different bars and 11 countries.

Ambitious, unfiltered & always interested in pushing the limits of the Hospitality industry, his main goal is to provide independent, meaningful marketing solutions for spirit brands and empower bartenders worldwide.


BAR WORLD TOP 100 (2021)

Voted #3 by an international set of judges & organised by leading Bar Industry magazine - Drinks International.
Position on List:
2019 - 93

2020 - 34

2021 - 29



Co-Owner & CMO. In charge of developing the world's largest bar industry-related social media network with over 1.7 million followers worldwide. Nominated in the Top 4 at Tales of The Cocktail Foundation Spirited Awards


16 Months, 11 Countries, 11 Bars

Self-funded project saw him travel, work and teach in some of the world's leading bars. Ranging from Los Angeles to Dubai with independent bars to international hotel chains.

WORLD 50 BEST 2013 - 2016

Creative Director behind Tales & Spirits cocktail bar in Amsterdam, Netherlands, at the height of its popularity, being #18 on The World’s Best 50 bars 2016.