Stand 007: Mr Murka


Mr Murka was born in 2013, and immediately changed approach to professional clothing in the industry. The first aprons were created in December 2013 for the bar-restaurant and they work with these aprons till this day.

The first ones were aprons for bartenders, but they continue to work in other directions. Tattoo artists, chefs, barbers and different customised B2B solutions. 

Starting with two like-minded friends, the project brought together wonderful artists, seamstresses and fashion designers to create aprons and accessories for all professions.

In 2014 Mr Murka workshop appears. Study of new materials, development of new models. Aprons are tested for several months in some cases, and only after this process they send them to production. Materials they select are long lasting only. With proper care you will wear their apron for years.

For them, apron is like an armour that protects you from all the negativity and makes you more confident. 

Kotzebue 27-6, Tallinn, Estonia, +37258088180