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So, what is the Ribeye Club?

Meat lovers in Cyprus have been hearing a lot about the Ribeye Club.
In fact, it has created quite a stir among gourmet circles.

The Ribeye Club is a luxury food brand dealing exclusively with selected imported cuts of meat.
The Ribeye Club is the pioneer and one of the leaders in premium meat importation in Cyprus and innovates with creations in meat products. These creations offer an explosive mouth-watering experience for meat lovers.

Its products can be delivered directly to your door with a wide variety of high-quality cuts of meat from around the world.

We break new ground and innovate with our own hand-crafted meat creations.
We strive and work hard to accomplish the highest levels of quality and excellence.
We always seek to do something big and shake things up.
We deliver our world awarded meats to your door.

Many ask us about our story and why we created this brand.
Every idea starts with a problem.
Ours was simple: “It was hard to find a good steak in Cyprus.”
We are Meat lovers just like You and that is why we took our Meat game Seriously.
We created Your Club… for people who Respect and Deserve High-Quality Meat.

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Contact: +357 99 844557

The Brand of the People, ''The Ribeye Club''
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Contact: +357 99 844557
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