Stand B 02: Grimbergen & 1664 - Photos Photiades Distributors Ltd.


Almost nine centuries ago, in a small village north of Brussels, a group of Norbertine monks lay the first stone to what eventually became the Grimbergen Abbey

But this Abbey is not like other Abbeys. It has been destroyed by raging fire not only once but three times since 1128.

But no matter how heavy the challenge, the Fathers always kept their flame alive and found a way to rebuild their Abbey.

Again, and again. Stone by stone. Rising from the ashes, just like the legend of the Phoenix.

Because, even when everything was destroyed, their fiery passion could never be extinguished.

Today, you can taste that unique strength of character in every sip of Grimbergen.

Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc – Playful Elegance, Bottled

Life is meant to be celebrated… to be filled with laughter & lightness & to be spent in the company of those that make it even more special.

These moments are fewer & further between than we deserve, so when they come around, we don’t let them just drift by… we elevate them & mark the occasion with great taste & elegant twists on the everyday.

K1664 Blanc is no exception. It’s a brew like no other; a playful blend of pure wheat, fragrant hops & zesty citrus peel, delivering a refreshingly delicate wheat beer with notes of peach & coriander. Perfectly paired with food, Blanc is recognisable from its complex, yet easy-drinking nature as it is from its pearlescent golden haze.

Bort in France, the homeland of fine-dining & elegant design, this exceptional brew is captured in a striking blue bottle, perfect for adding that playfully elegant twist to unforgettable moments with friends. 

Η εταιρεία Φώτος Φωτιάδης Διανομείς, μέλος του Ομίλου Φώτος Φωτιάδης, λειτούργησε το 1998 αναλαμβάνοντας την πώληση και διανομή των προϊόντων που παρήγαγε τότε ο Όμιλος. Στα 24 χρόνια πορείας της, έχει δεκαπλασιάσει τον κύκλο εργασιών της μέσω μιας εντυπωσιακής οργανικής και λειτουργικής ανάπτυξης. Με ηγετική παρουσία στην Κύπρο, τη Ρουμανία, την Κροατία και τη Σλοβενία, είναι γνωστή για προϊόντα όπως είναι οι μπύρες Carlsberg, Kronenbourg 1664, Grimbergen, το Φυσικό Μεταλλικό Νερό Αγρός, τη σαμπάνια Mοët & Chandon, το ουίσκι Johnnie Walker, τη βότκα Belvedere και Smirnoff, το τζιν Tanqueray,το απεριτίφ Campari και Aperol, την τεκίλα Volcan, το οινοποιείο Κυπερούντας, το Shark, και πολλά άλλα.