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Thomas Henry was born from the Berlin bar scene in 2010 and is president in the best bars worldwide. Our premium mixers are based on natural ingredients and created in cooperation with top bartenders. 

Always perfectly harmonized with the best drinks! And: A variety of drinks requires a variety of mixers! That's why we offer you a complete portfolio of bitter lemonades and sodas, from tonics to spicy ginger mixers to bar lemonades.  With Thomas Henry's Tonics & Mixers, every drink becomes a true experience, cheers!


No. 3 London Dry Gin

Discover the story behind our pursuit of perfection.

When we set out in pursuit of the perfect gin, we pictured a true classic. A pure, crisp and refreshing product, drawing together the precise balance of three key flavors: Juniper, Citrus and Spice. We imagined a gin made the traditional way, brought up-to-date. To meet our exacting standards, we looked to Holland, the home of gin, and chose a unique 100-year-old, brick-encased copper pot still, to distill our spirit. We crafted our gin from carefully selected ingredients in collaboration with the world’s master distillers and experts in liquid design with passion, precision, and perseverance. With just the right amount of coriander, angelica root, cardamom, grapefruit peel, sweet orange peel and - of course - juniper, we created No.3 Gin. 

A gin that stands out in the congested world of spirits for being the epitome of a truly refreshing and classic London Dry Gin.

A gin that has been named the World’s Best four times.


Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin is a refined expression of Dutch Courage fuelled with Indonesian spirit. A fresh and spice-forward combination of ‘Schiedam’ gin botanicals like juniper, fennel seeds, coriander, and rose hips, and traditional Indonesian spices from Grandfather Bobby’s pinang raci blend, like lemongrass, cloves, cinnamon, and cubeb peppers. Bobby’s Gin has crafted the flavourful bridge between East and West, resulting in a balanced, award-winning gin that is loved by adventurous gin drinkers and bartenders worldwide.

From Indonesia to Schiedam

Grandfather Bobby Alfons’ family tradition of infusing his original ‘pinang raci’-spice blend in jenever, inspired grandsons Sebastiaan and David to create Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin. Their journey led to the spirited city of Schiedam, were they found the perfect match in Master Distiller Ad van der Lee at Herman Jansen. Together they combined 7 generations of distilling expertise with the treasured family recipe, resulting in the spirits of now: Bobby’s Dry Gin and Bobby’s Schiedam Jenever. The beloved international spirits connect the East to the West, and the past to the present.

After two years of testing and refining, the grandsons and master distiller Ad van der Lee have found the ultimate recipe for Bobby’s Dry Gin!  A one-of-a-kind blend of Indonesian spices and traditional gin-botanicals. No additives, sugars, or extractions are added. Just natural ingredients and pure taste.


Giffard has been a liqueur-maker since 1885 with the launch of Menthe – Pastille, a white mint liqueur made from Mitcham peppermint essential oil. 

 Ever since the company has developed an elaborate portfolio consisting of a line of:

premium, complex liqueurs with unique origins and/or specific varieties like Caribbean Pineapple and Ginger of the Indies

crème de fruits liqueurs consisting of authentic, mouthwatering flavors like blackberry and passion fruit classic liqueurs, the perfect range for bartenders including bar staples to more original flavors like amaretto and rhubarb fruit and plant-based syrups, including elderflower and jasmine confectionary, nut and plant-based syrups, like chestnut and pistachio specialty syrups, aligned with current market trends, including falernum and egg white

A series of sauces to add a gourmet finishing touch to beverages and desserts

A series of fruit for mix including banana, passion fruit and coconut

ACM Christofides Ltd is an innovative industry leader in the import and distribution of premium spirit brands, world-class whisky and exceptional wines and liquors for the Cyprus market.

The company maintains an extensive portfolio that includes globally renowned and highly awarded brands like The Famous Grouse, The Macallan, The Naked Grouse, Thomas Henry, Giffard, London No3, Martin Miller’s Gin, Bobby’s Gin, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Equiano Rum, Lyre’s nonalcoholic spirits; a plethora of respected wine labels like Ferrari, Ramon Bilbao and Gancia, and an envied portfolio of Belgian beers including Duvel and Chimay.

With a distinguished history that began in the 1930s, this family business continues as one of the country’s most acclaimed distributors of a broad range of drinks categories. In fact, ACM is the oldest distributor of The Famous Grouse outside of the United Kingdom, with the highest per capita consumption from all markets.

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