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Diplomatico Rum:
Although no introduction needed here, Diplomatico is a rum passionately crafted by our Maestros Roneros using their expertise in combining modern and traditional distillation methods to produce exceptional rums for demanding palates. Every drop is infused with a rich and treasured heritage that comes from the heart and reaches out to yours.

Canaima Amazonian Gin:
Born in the depths of the Amazon rainforest, the world’s largest and most bio-diverse rainforest in the world. A brand with the purpose to help the tribes of the Amazonian rainforest. All the botanicals are handpicked with the collaboration of the Amazonian tribes. A small batch with more than 15 different botanicals and an inspiring flavor that captures the essence of the Amazon

Hartziotis Trading is a family business that was established in 1983 as an importing and distribution company. The company’s product portfolio consists of great brands. For the import and distribution of these brands the company has an exclusivity agreement with all its partners. The company has its owned warehouse and distribution fleet. The warehouse and offices are located in the Nisou Industrial Area in Nicosia.

At Hartziotis Trading we have managed to create a lean organization that is capable of adapting to the daily challenges of the dynamic environment of the food & beverages market in Cyprus. On a daily basis we focus our efforts to satisfy our customers’ needs through the quality of service and support we provide.

Hartziotis Trading Co Ltd
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