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Double Dutch Drinks

Double Dutch Drinks produces bold, new, unexpected flavour combinations that thrill the palate. The products are the result of a flavour-led approach that uses only the best ingredients, free from artificial flavouring or colouring, and designed with taste in mind. Double Dutch Drinks are low on sugar, high on flavour and quick to get the party started.
With Double Dutch, you can say goodbye to the predictable and hello to the unexpected. From us to you, a double promise, your drink will never be boring.


Hayman’s Gins

The very essence of Hayman’s is that we still make our gin today using the same family recipes developed over 150 years ago. 
Using only the finest botanicals available combined with the two-day gin making process, Hayman’s botanicals are infused in English wheat spirit for an entire day allowing the full natural flavors to shine through.
Hayman’s traditional process is rare in this age of modern gin, however it is this technique, as well as further innovations, which has led to the most highly acclaimed awards as well as continued positive acclamation for Hayman’s Gin.

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