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Our company has been importing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages since 2014. We are the exclusive importer/distributor of Sovereign brands Wine & Spirits Company USA products.

Luc Belaire - Sparkling wine is one of the fastest growing brands in this space. It was recently named the number one selling Sparkling wine in America. You can enjoy it in 5 different versions: Rosé, Gold-Brut, Luxe, Luxe-Rosé and the Limited edition Bleu (2021).

Bumbu – Rum comes in 3 variants: Original (Barbados), XO (Panama) and Crème (2021-Liqueur - Panama). What characterizes/sets it apart, apart from its quality taste and unique design is the fact that it looks like a reminiscent of an old pirate bottle. Bumbu has so far won 9 gold medals in International Competitions.

Mc Queen & The Violet Fog – Gin of Brazilian origin, stands out for its velvety taste and contains 21 different botanical elements, 6 of which are unique to gin. Despite being a new gin, it has already won 1 gold medal in International Competitions and got 93 points from Wine Enthusiast.

Pimento – is a French award-winning non-alcoholic, spicy ginger drink. It is an incredibly enjoyable alternative soft drink that can also be used as a mixer.



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