Misel Posavac

Paragon Cordial Masterclass

Presentation Hall
02 April 2023

Welcome to the cordial journey.

Single botanic cordials - Pepper collection.

Paragon, a new generation of cordials. As a source of inspiration, we must never stop being surprised and amazed by Nature’s ingenuity. That is why MONIN launched Paragon, a range of single botanic cordials created for bartenders, in collaboration with Alex Kratena, an internationally renowned bartender and P(OUR) co-founder. Paragon is created as a series of “botanical chapters” which will become an encyclopedic collection of ingredients for bartenders. The first chapter focuses on pepper and pepper berries: Paragon’s teams explored every continent and encountered remote populations cultivating species for generations to source original varieties with distinctive flavors. The goal? To protect and promote rare botanical varieties, highlighting unknown aromatic essences and making them available for those who appreciate exceptional flavors for use in cocktails. The result is the Pepper Collection, comprising three variants: White Penja Pepper from Cameroon; Ru Berry from Ethiopia; and Timur Berry from Nepal.

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